by Edna Mattos

February 18, 2012

Supposedly, the method of how to cook a frog goes like this: If you take a live frog and throw him in a pot of hot water, he will jump out. But, if you put him in a pot of cold water and then raise the temperature a small increment at a time, he will stay put until he is cooked.

Sometimes government regulations follow a similar pattern.  They start out slow, and then over time increase and expand in their control.  Most people do not even notice the full intent of an agenda until it is too late.

Enter the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s takeover of Kings Bay.  Make no mistake, they plan on totally controlling Kings Bay and Three Sisters Springs. Our Citrus County community is no different from other communities in the nation that were assaulted by this entity. Ultimately, they will control every aspect of tourism, access and decisions regarding this area.

We already have sufficient regulations in place to protect the Manatees.  They are thriving and multiplying, but this is not enough because what they are really after is complete control.  If they are allowed to implement their most recent rules, they will be back in a few years demanding more.  Ultimately, they will venture inland to designate hundreds of acres, if not thousands of acres as buffer zones, and target private land that will be heavily restricted.

This is all about land acquisition and the erosion of private property rights. 

This all ties into the United Nations Agenda 21, also known as global governance.  Many people in our community already know about this dangerous United Nations agenda because we have been educating those that will listen.  For those that have never heard of it, I will provide a very brief description.

At the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit meeting several plans were put forth and one of the plans was the implementation of Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is not a treaty, but it is a soft law document, or blue print for the top down control of every aspect of our lives.  The blue print focuses on:  Social Equity, which means restructuring human nature, and to enforce that restructure by shifting our system of equal justice and unalienable rights to one that implements the concept of “social justice” which was coined by Karl Marx; Economic Prosperity, means shifting from free enterprise to “public-private partnerships,”  where government sanctions monopoly.  It also establishes a global economy where goods “freely” cross national borders in order to redistribute financial, natural and human resources in order to equalize the income distribution within and between nations; Ecological Integrity, or environmental Armageddon.  This plan uses environmentalism as an excuse to take away our liberties.

Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is the strategy that seeks to transform America from the land of the free to the land of a collective.  It uses the environment as ‘bait’ and works to indoctrinate and prepare citizens to live under a global collective.  The adverse consequences of collectivist policies and laws enacted by government will affect every citizen.  Many of the problems that we now have as a nation are a direct result of the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 21.

Bush Sr. signed the Administrative Agreement for the implementation of Agenda 21 in 1992.  President Clinton, in 1993 by Executive Order, created the President’s Council for Sustainable Development, then in 1997 Counties and Mayors created the Joint Center for Sustainable Communities.  In 2001 the National Governors Association endorsed Smart Growth.  And more recently, President Obama has allocated billions for the furtherance of Sustainable development projects.

Both major political parties are on board with this socialist globalist agenda.  For the sake of brevity I will only focus on the Environmental Agenda.

The Wildlands Project is heavily promoted by government and non government agencies.  It is a very well funded effort to lock up as much as 50% of wilderness land in the U.S.  When this plan was first promoted in 1992, its author Reed North explained how this agenda would affect the human population. He said:  “Eventually, a wilderness network will dominate a region and thus would itself constitute the matrix, with human habitation being the island.”

Environmental group have created a public image as organizations caring for the helpless species and helping the environment.  Most people supporting many environmental organizations are not aware of their long term objectives even though it is no secret.  The Wildlands Map which was exposed by Dr. Michael Coffman and presented to the U. S. Senate, delineates exactly what these environmental groups plan for our future.  There will be wilderness zones and buffer zones, areas that will be off limits to humans, surrounding Federal and State owned lands and privately owned lands, many rich in natural resources.  All will be heavily restricted for use.

The EPA, the DEP, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Nature Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, National Wildlife Federation, The Wilderness Society, Sierra Club, U.S. National Park Service, Housing and Urban Development, American Planning Association, Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife, Friends of the Earth, and thousands others follow Agenda 21.  Wilderness area, critical habitat for endangered species, wetlands areas, national heritage areas and other restrictive programs are sold to the public as necessary to protect nature.  They also use conservation easements, smart growth, open space and green lining to promote ways to control growth.

What all these programs have in common is extinguishing private property rights in America and transferring the land to elite land trust, or directly to the government.  Make no mistake, someone is making a profit.

The Clinton Administration quietly created the Gap Analysis Program which divides the land into echo system regions and identifies the land not under the control of the government, specifically private property.  Then environmental groups set out to target these lands that fall in these regions for conservation and preservation.  The GAP Maps follow closely the same boundaries found on the Wildlands Map.

The State of Florida used the information from GAP to push forth an aggressive preservation called “Florida Forever.”  Since the 1990’s millions of acres of land have been taken over by these environmental groups. The Seven-and-a-Half Mile area in Miami-Dade is a perfect example of land confiscation.

Federal agencies all have mission statements. The one proudly ballyhooed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is, “The principal agency through which the federal government carries out its responsibilities to conserve, protect, and enhance the nation’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of people.”

It seems the know-it-all, inside-the-Beltway federal environmentalists have forgotten the “for continuing benefit of the people” portion of the mission statement. The conclusive line is that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife is working to take control of thousands of acres of privately held land, and the federal Endangered Species Act is being used as a tool to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This well-intended act has evolved into a weapon of private property rights destruction.  It is blatantly misused to regulate, intimidate, harass, and punish landowners for having so-called endangered species on their land by “taking” private property for wildlife habitat. While “just compensation” has been touted, the best and cheapest way to control lands is to stop all economic uses through abusive governmental regulations which impermissibly violates private property rights protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.  Karl Marx would be proud.

The reality is this, no one really knows conclusively whether a single animal population is the only such population.  No one knows conclusively how many species there are, and they rarely factually know the necessary and sufficient conditions for past extinction events, let alone know how to prevent future ones.

Since the usual methodology for the protection of endangered species includes geographical isolation, it is possible, on a large enough swath of land, to just define some animal population as an endangered species without supporting scientific data.

The potential for arbitrary enforcement, to say nothing of abuse and corruption, is virtually unlimited.

By now most know that the government does not automatically act for the common good, and the individual does not automatically act against it. The wisest political and economic policies are those in which both individuals and governments are enabled to act in the common interest even while protecting self-interest.

With the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s proposal, however, the interests of the public, the state, and the individual are cast in fundamental conflict. The official common interest is for the federal government to control or confiscate private property to protect endangered species, no matter what the public may think. These very same folks ignore individual landowners’ private property right interest while accusing them of destroying habitats in the pursuit of self-interest.  Is this a productive way to frame a solution?  Of course it isn’t because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife is on a mission, and nothing short of total control will satisfy them.

The only way to stop this government overreach is to expose their agenda.  I’m sure most folks will have a problem knowing that an international body of elitists has decided which properties must be in government control.  The globalist action plan executed by local, State, and Federal agencies, violate Article I, Section 10 and as such should be considered treasonous.   Their approach links local action to internationally agreed-upon goals and targets put forth by the United Nations Agenda 21.  This should not trump out the U.S. Constitution.

Perhaps many believe that erosion of private property rights is a small price to pay for the preservation of an endangered species.  Perhaps they are right, if indeed this was the true motive.  However, governmental agencies do not have the right to blind fold the citizens it robs.  Scientific deception on the part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife has gone on long enough.  Under current law they are the investigator, author, decision maker, enforcer and appeals court for all endangered species.  That is very similar to hiring one person to serve our county as the Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff, prosecutor, defense lawyer, judge, jury and appeals court.

Under the United Nations Agenda 21, there is no recognition of the unalienable right to one’s property. This is a war on freedom from global to local sanctioned by our unrepresentative government.  Our defense relies on a local response designated to generate national impact.  Become vocal local!