Meadowcrest and Connell Heights used to be known as Fairmount. Land sold for $15 an acre. This area had several types of businesses but the main occupation was still Citrus. Most settlers in Fairmount came from Pennsylvania. A few miles south of Lecanto was a town called Mannfield, where most of those settlers were from Indiana. Land here cost between $5 and $25 an acre. Crystal River, still being a part of Hernando County (Named after the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto.) had a county name change to Benton County in 1844, but was changed back to Hernando County in 1850. In the late 1800’s, residents in the area went Tallahassee to lobby for a new county¬†and in 1887 Hernando County was split into three areas which are now known as Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus Counties. The town Mannfield had the largest population of that time. The first newspaper, (Published in Mannfield), was the Citrus County Star. Several elections were held for a permanent county seat and the winner was Inverness.