It was the early 1880’s and most of the families that came to live in the area grew citrus. Crystal River was part of what was considered Hernando County until the county was split up and renamed at a later time, choosing Citrus County for this area due to the amount of citrus growth. Many of the people that came tot his area also involved themselves in politics. Different buildings from that time still stand today and can be found in the listing of the “Historic Tour of Crystal River, Florida”. One of the earliest industries was the turpentine business. Turpentine can be made from the resin caught from slashes made at the base of large pine trees. Local Red Cedar was used to make pencils amongst other products. Red cedar logs would be shipped to Germany for that purpose until a cedar mill was built just north of Crystal River. This was called the Dixon Cedar Mill, which was one of the largest industries in Crystal River for several years. By this time there were many general stores, along with other stores of types and the Crystal River Lumber Company. Three doctors were also practicing in the area too. Most of the acreage in Crystal River were planted with citrus and raising cattle brought in by the Spanish became profitable. Portraits of the important people that helped to develop Crystal River can be found in the Florida State Archives along with photos of homes and businesses that made Crystal River a name.