Crystal River had protected harbors during the Civil War years due to the area being able to supply many needed goods, including but not limited to, beef, pork, fish, corn, and much more. However, shortly after the start of the war, the Navy blockaded the entire coast, including Crystal River, with Federal Gun Boats. Some shipments were still able to get through but not without some resistance. Let it be known that no land battles were fought at Crystal River but many skirmishes on the water did occur. Perhaps the most memorable battle was the “Battle of Shell Island”. This took place approximately around June of 1862. A cat and mouse game ensued amongst the two sides of the battle. Many ships were attacked and many lives were lost. A list of the sea battles off the Crystal River is available in the book from which this information is found. The war ended in April of 1865, with the Confederacy on the losing side.