A new state constitution written in 1868 ended martial law that occurred after the end of the Civil War. In 1877, a man named George Drew was elected Governor, ending the political turmoil. The Crystal River post office was re-established in 1873, on Citrus Avenue. Life after the war was beginning to return to the Crystal River area. Around 1863, another man named Edwin King came to live in the area. He built a house on what is now known as King’s Bay, of course named after himself. Mr. King owned a cotton plantation and also one of the earliest known general stores. His two brothers, Perry and Josiah, also came to live in Middleground, which today is known as Lecanto. They were farmers raising cattle, horses and other such animals. Middleground was named such due to the fact that it was the area where stage coaches would stop for changing out the horses and other needs. In 1883, the name Middleground was changed to Lecanto, thanks to Edwin King, also being the first postmaster of that area.